Spiro new music released

Spiro released their composition The Copper Suite, on Friday 16 February. The piece was recorded live at Real World Studios in January 2018.

The Copper Suite was written for the centenary celebration of Bob Copper’s life and work, at Cecil Sharp House in London on 24th January 2015. As the only instrumental group invited to take part in the event, Spiro were very honoured to join the fabulous array of performers from the world of English folk music, and to perform a specially composed instrumental suite based on tunes from the Copper family repertoire.

The Copper Suite is based on the following traditional English tunes from the repertoire of the Copper family: The Bold Fisherman, Lord Thomas and Spencer the Rover. All other composition elements in the piece are by Jon Hunt, Alex Vann, and Jane Harbour of Spiro.

“One of the many reasons traditional tunes are so inspiring is because they needed to be strong enough melodies and/or ring emotionally true enough to people to be passed down aurally through the generations, giving them a timeless quality that we revere.  Good tunes survive like strong human genes – to quote Bill Bryson on evolution and survival in ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’:  they have been ‘healthy enough to reproduce, and sufficiently blessed by fate and circumstances to live long enough to do so’.“ – Jane Harbour, Spiro


The Copper Suite is available to download/stream now.


Spiro photograph by York Tillyer.