Project Genre
Sex And The City TV
War Dance Film
Wall-E Film
L’uomo Perfetto Film
Dead Man Walking Film
Duma Film
Stander Film
Orbit Chewing Gum Advert
Wasabi Film
C.S.I. – N.Y. TV
Bedazzled Film
The Sopranos TV
Danny MacAskill’s The Ridge Film
Rabbit Proof Fence Film
Little Big Planet Game
Wasted Film
Bandit Queen Film
Snowden Film
The Constant Gardener Film
Dawson’s Creek TV
Quantico TV
I Could Read The Sky Film
Hamilton Mattress Film
Discovery Atlas TV
Children Of Men Film
Lullaby For Pi Film
The Battle Of Shaker Heights Film
Oceanic Preservation Society Film
Olympic Games 2016 – Rio TV
Monsoon Wedding Film
The L Word TV
Myst IV – Revelation Game
Lucky Miles Film
Gallery of the Islamic World Exhibition
Zero Dark Thirty Film
Tristan And Isolde Film
The Last Temptation Of Christ Film
National Geographic: Supertanker TV
Blood Diamond Film
Dillo Con Parole Mie Film
In God’s Hands Film
Bosta Film
Norbit Film
Into Africa TV
La Gabbianella E Il Gatto Film
Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Game
Grey’s Anatomy TV Series
Natural Born Killers Film
Ugly Betty TV
Johnny Was Film
Bend It Like Beckham Film
American Wedding Film
Scrubs TV
Without A Trace TV
Carne Tremula (Live Flesh) Film
The Last Face Film
The Philanthropist TV
Gangs Of New York Film
Bone Collector Film
Long Way Down TV
Sea Monsters 3D Film
Hotel Rwanda Film
Stigmata Film
Everwood TV
Shrek 2 Film
Guinness Africa Advert
C.S.I. – Miami TV
Russia with Simon Reeve TV
The Bourne Identity Film
Shallow Hal Film
Shincyn’s Moon features Portico Quartet Radio
Conejo En La Luna Film
The Good Lie Film
Snow Angels Film
Pepsi Nigeria Advert
Vaseline Intensive Care Advert
Wrestlemania 22 TV