Russia with Simon Reeve

Russia with Simon Reeve is a BBC2 travel series that launched in September 2017.

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, adventurer Simon Reeve embarks on a journey across the world’s biggest country. He begins in Russia’s far east, and the snow-capped volcanoes of Kamchatka and Yakutia, where reindeer herders live in temperatures as low as minus 30. Outside the eastern port of Vladivostok, Simon investigates the growing influence of China on the area, then passes through the Boreal Forest, where he meets a conservationist dedicated to protecting the Amur tiger. His final destination is a giant hole in the ground in Siberia.
The programme features music tracks from a number of Real World artists including Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, Ashkhabad, Sevara Nazarkhan, Mamer, The Terem Quartet and Syriana.
Simon Reeve photo by Craig Hastings BBC