26 Jun 2010

Listening Wind and I Don't Remember

Today sees the sixth of the double a-side reciprocal releases on iTunes in the 'Scratch My Back' and 'I'll Scratch Yours' series. David Byrne has recorded a fantastic version of 'I Don't Remember' in return of Peter's version of 'Listening Wind'.

Peter, Bob Ezrin and John Metcalfe talk about the recording of 'Listening Wind' in our video. Unfortunatly we didn't manage to get David Byrne in-front of a camera, although he did send us some thoughts:

Why did you choose to cover Don't Remember?

"I didn't. Peter suggested it. I was aiming for something more obscure, or a lesser known song that I could make unrecognizable or radically rework. That song is a favorite I'm sure, so a lot of fans will be somewhat attached to the original arrangement. But I did have an angle, an approach, and I guess that intrigued Peter."

How did you approach the cover - musically, technically etc etc?

"I realized that the tempo, the groove and the catchy chorus might be perfect for an uplifting clubby treatment- which would give a nice spin on the lyrics. In the original the vibe is quite dark, paranoid even....I thought the falsetto vocal and club groove would make the alienation and amnesia subject pleasant- almost desirable. I thought my version might imply a willing sublime surrender to memory loss."

Do you have any thoughts or response to Peter Gabriel's cover of Listening Wind?

"It's lovely- it brings out the incantation in the song. What a choice at this time politically though! One could get waterboarded for singing that song in the wrong place!"

all the best