17 Jul 2008

WOMAD Festival In Gabriel's Words

This will be the second year at our new home in Wiltshire's Charlton Park.

It's a fantastic venue in a beautiful location. This year they have very kindly let us have more land and we've put measures in place to improve and enhance the site.

Musically, this is one of the best festivals we've ever had, and I don't always say that. There are very many I want to watch including Orchestra Baobab, Martha Wainwright and the rocking Algerian-French trio, Speed Caravan.

11 Jul 2008

WOMAD newsletter

For those not on the mailing list WOMAD's latest newsletter is available to read on-line.

11 Jul 2008

Francis Bebey

If you've been intrigued by Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger's descriptions of Francis Bebey in the Big Blue Ball video and podcasts available on the site, this charming clip is for you.

Peter said of Francis Bebey, "We were hypnotised...he embodied wisdom in lots of ways and it was a real delight". Karl Wallinger, Peter's co-pilot in the Recording Week sessions talks of his amazement at the music Francis produced from his tiny, single note, bamboo flute, describing the sound as "one of the prime numbers of music".


09 Jul 2008

Big Blue Ball Podcast

Now available to download - over 23 minutes of music and conversation with Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger - featuring excerpts from all the tracks on Big Blue Ball.


08 Jul 2008

Father and sons

We're happy to report that Peter and Meabh are proud parents of a second son.

Luc was born on Saturday 5th July, a bouncing 7lbs 2 oz. Big brother Isaac reports that mother, father and baby brother are all doing well, and requests that any congratulatory flowers people may contemplate sending be left to grow in the ground for all to enjoy.