27 May 2009

Charlie Winston at the Society of Sound

You may have heard Peter Gabriel talking about Charlie Winston's success in France over the past months. This month he is the featured artist over on The B&W Society of Sound, so even if you haven't been lucky enough to be enjoying spring in Paris, you can now check him out for yourself.

27 May 2009

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 - have it tripled up to $30,000

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 and your gift will be tripled up to $30,000.

Visit WITNESS and see how your gift directly supports the use of video to promote women's rights in Zimbabwe, Yemen and Mexico to make the world a safer place.

22 Mar 2009

Peter Gabriel and The Black Swan Effect in Peru

livinginperu.com has a review and photographs of Box's wandering minstrels from the opening concert of their tour.

"Every concert is different depending on the audience, and as Peter Gabriel took his bows, it was clear that the palpable Peruvian energy had once again worked its magic..."

16 Mar 2009

Join Peter Gabriel and stop violence against women in Mexico

WITNESS has been collecting signatures on a petition asking Mexico's President Calderon to resolve the disappearances and murders of hundreds of women on the Mexico / U.S. border. Put your signature on the petition that Peter will deliver to the Mexican government on March 27th. Please sign it if you haven't already and send to your friends asking them to do the same. We only have until March 27th to grow this petition!

12 Mar 2009


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