04 Aug 2009

'The Real World of Peter Gabriel' Documentary Broadcast in France and Germany on Arte TV

A new documentary entitled 'The Real World of Peter Gabriel' directed by Georg Maas and Dieter Zeppenfeld will be broadcast simultaneously in Germany and in France on Arte TV next Thursday, 6th of August at 11.20pm. The documentary will also be broadcast on Sunday 9th of August at 12.55pm.

The film was inspired by the 20th Anniversary of Real World Records and the release of last years long gestating collaborative album 'Big Blue Ball'. This record was a result of some of the legendary 'Real World Recording Weeks' which took place in the 1990's, where musicians from all over the world would get together and make music. The film gives an insight on the extraordinary atmosphere in which these sessions were held and also on the philosophy of Real World on the process of recording with producers and artists that come from different cultural backgrounds.

Peter Gabriel himself got personal insights on the social and political conditions and problems in many countries by working with musicians from all around the world. In consequence he initiated political initiatives for Human Rights, like 'Witness' and 'The Elders'

The filmmakers spent time at Real World going through the archives, filming interviews with key staff, including Peter Gabriel himself and also watching a recording session as it took place - 'Syriana' - a forthcoming project on Real World Records.

Follow the links below to the Big Blue Ball artist page and to Arte TV.

If you are in Europe on Thursday or Sunday make sure you tune in to this fabulous documentary!


21 Jul 2009

Charlie Winston unmissable at WOMAD

If you had any doubt which band could end up being the most fun at WOMAD this weekend check out this extraordinary footage from the French festival Les Vieilles Charoux as superstar Charlie Winston entertains 55,000 fans. Catch him in on the Big Red Tent at 15.00 on Sunday before he reaches stratospheric stadium levels!

16 Jul 2009

Charlie Winston London special appearances

On Monday 27th July Charlie Winston will perform an special gig at Rough Trade to celebrate the exclusive release of the special 7" vinyl version of his debut UK single 'In Your Hands'. The Rough Trade in-store set will follow Charlie's performance at Womad on 26th July and precede his concert as part of the iTunes Festival at London's Roundhouse on 28th July.

Having topped the French charts with 'Like A Hobo', France's best-selling single so far this year, and already selling more than 250,000 copies of his album 'Hobo', Charlie is being tipped to be the biggest selling artist in France in 2009. These unique London shows will be unmissable.

Entrance to Rough Trade will be wristband only (wristband collection 1 hour prior to gig, first-come-first-served basis- one per person.)

Tickets for the iTunes Festival are available via iTunes EU Facebook page.

15 Jun 2009

Zawose Family Theatre - The Building Begins

The Zawose Theatre in the town of Bagamoyo in Tanzania was a vital focus and centre for the cultural life of the town. It was devastated by fire some years ago but now, finally ,construction to rebuild this hub of music and dance began last week! John Simpson who has worked with the Zawose family for many years travelled out from London to help get the process going. He was able to take with him significant funds from Real World royalty payments due to the Zawose family following the death of the great Hukwe and his young nephew Charles. Here is John's latest report and pictures:

Consulting local builders and the family we managed to settle for the attached plans. A large Makute roof with a stage, workshop and rehearsal space - very simple but if you know how these roofs look it will be quite spectacular. The construction will be done in two phases. The first being until I leave on the 7th July when the frame will be built for the roof and the decking and concrete foundations for the stage as well as digging a trench and laying the electrical cable. In September in the second and final stage we will roof the structure with the Makute (traditional thatch roof), finish the staging and carve the wooden trunk's that hold the structure up.

On Sunday 24th May we had a 'breaking the ground ceremony'. We invited another two music groups from the village 'Chiivane' and 'Gendaeka band' to play sets on the plot where the theatre will be. After the performances representatives of the family (Julius, Esteli, Sara, Simon, Msafiri and Ndahani) each shoveled dirt into the air to break the ground. After this we then cooked two goats and drank 120 sodas and 30 beers beside the bonfire as Chiivane played into the night. Photos to follow...

On Monday a flat-bed truck arrived in Bagamoyo with tonnes of wood (about a third of the total needed just for the structure). We got the wood from a governement wood store in Dar which means it is supposed to be from sustainably cut forests, they even provided a certificate so lets hope that is true. We have employed a Masai security guard to ensure nobody steals from the site during the construction. The workers are now busy each morning digging the foundations and we are confident that the first trunks of wood will be slotted into the ground today or tomorrow, changing the Zawoses plot of land for good. Some of the Zawoses are helping with the builders and the girls are cooking breakfast and lunch for everyone to keep them going."

The wonderful documentary film made by John Simpson is now showing on Link TV in the USA this month


15 Jun 2009

Peter Gabriel performing his only European date in support of Witness at WOMAD Charlton Park.

Peter Gabriel will be performing on Saturday 25th July at WOMAD Charlton Park. A limited number of day tickets are now available.

"This will be my only show in Europe this year, and I am delighted it will be for Witness.org. I had no plans to play in the UK but when Festival Director, Chris Smith, heard I was looking for a suitable event, he generously offered the Saturday at WOMAD. We are trying to raise £100,000 for Witness." (Peter Gabriel on his performance at WOMAD 2009)

Support Witness by coming to see Peter Gabriel. Day and Weekend tickets for the event, which includes a mesmerising line-up of performers, playing, singing, cooking, dancing and entertaining, bringing the English countryside alive in myriad ways, are available.