What is Licensing?

Licensing involves an end user requiring the right to use the copyrights we control in a product they are creating.

There are many different licenses, dependent on the usage required.

The general principal is the end user should declare their intended use of the material and that declaration enables us to ascertain what type of license is required.

If you need any guidance please check the ‘FAQ’ section. Licensing is normally a b2b transaction and will invariably involve a fee being levied by the publisher.

If you simply wish to play music either in a live performance or in a private function please consult the PRS website as they are the professional body that deal with the performance right.

If you wish to put music onto a sound product, such as a CD, please consult the MCPS website who are the professional body that deal with the mechanical right.

Should you wish to license any Real World product please contact us

To find out more visit the FAQ section.