Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out the writer(s) of a specific song?

If the composition is not ours, check with your local performance society. (ie PRS, MCPS, BMI, ASCAP)

How can I find out if you control the publishing rights to a song?

Contact us

Do you grant gratis requests?

As a responsible music publisher we have an obligation to our writers, and the catalogues we administer, to represent their interests in a professional manner. We receive a large number of gratis requests each day, and due to the amount of time involved in researching, securing third party approvals, and licensing, we find it necessary to charge an administration fee. (no less than £75.00)

Can I submit a demo for consideration?

Firstly, we do not accept unsolicited demos. If you send us a demo it will not be reviewed and you will not receive a reply. Secondly, please be aware that we are a publishing company and therefore any material that is reviewed will be for consideration in respect of a publishing deal. We are not a record company and we do not release or distribute albums.

I have submitted a sample for clearance. What happens next?

A sample normally infringes 2 copyrights: 1) That of the composer of the original work 2) That of the Master owner (normally the record company) The composer has to be happy with how you have used the work. If the composer approves then you will have to warrant that there are no other samples, or if there are that you will be solely responsible for clearing them.