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As a producer Stabilizer has earned many supporters. A series of singles and remixes over the past three years, on many prestigious labels, have also gained the support of many high profile artists.

Stabilizer is now signed to Plastic Raygun and the first single release, What It Takes reached Number 5 in the DJ Mag breaks chart 2001 and was described as "A Classic" by Andy Weatherall.

The second single, Nitzer reached Number 2 of the Breaks chart in August 2002 with his remix of Jean Jacques Smoothie's Love And Evil Appearing at No.1 and his remix of Full Rack Baker in at No 13 of the same chart!

DJ Magazine voted Nitzer No.1 in a Breaks and Beats chart.

The Stabilizer DJ style is tight, varied and full of energy, with many varied genres. The only rules are it's got to be good and it's got to be funky.

The debut album Cainine was completed and released in 2003.

As a DJ he has played in Bath, Bristol, Berlin, Budapest, and Bognor, and in early 2002 he did a tour of the West coast of America, taking in LA, San Diego and San Francisco.

During 2007 he completed high profile remixes for Nine Inch Nails and The Imagined Village project on Real World Records.