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Peter Gabriel has earned a worldwide reputation for his innovative work as a musician, writer and video maker. Additionally he is also renowned for his humanitarian work.

At school in 1966 he co-founded the group Genesis and went on to make 7 albums with them. He left them in 1975 and has since made 11 solo albums. His 1986 album 'So' won him his first Grammy. The 'Sledgehammer' video won the most music video awards ever, including number one in Rolling Stones' Top 100 Videos Of All Time and the MTV Most Played Video Of All Time.

He has worked extensively within the film industry, including writing the score for Alan Parkers's 'Birdy' in 1984, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1989 he composed the soundtrack for Martin Scorsese's epic 'The Last Temptation Of Christ', the basis for one of his most experimental and innovative albums, 'Passion'. His other main film work is the soundtrack to Philip Noyce's 2002 'Rabbit Proof Fence', entitled 'Long Walk Home'. More recently, Gabriel collaborated with Tom Newman to write the music and lyrics to 'Down To Earth' from the Pixar movie 'Wall-E'.

In 1980 Gabriel conceived of and founded WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) which has presented over 150 festivals in over 40 countries, bringing together traditional and modern music, arts and dance from every corner of the globe. The WOMAD Foundation provides education and workshops to many schools. He has had varied business interests in the field of music, media and technology. He founded the Real World Group in 1987 which includes recording studios, record and music publishing, multimedia and film companies. He was a co-founder of OD2 (On Demand Distribution), he jointly acquired Solid State Logic in 2005 and more recently has co-founded and, furthering his involvement with the cutting edge of the music industry.

Peter Gabriel has been involved in a wide spectrum of human rights and environmental issues. His song 'Biko' was the first pop song about the effect of apartheid. He was involved in the 1988 and 1990 Nelson Mandela concerts at Wembley and recently performed at the 46664 concerts, Mandela's AIDS awareness initiative. He co-ordinated and participated in the Human Rights Now! Tour in 1988 with Amnesty International and in 1989, he conceived of and co-founded to give cameras and computers to human rights activists. This year the 'Hub' was launched, providing a platform for human rights video from all over the world (a YouTube for Human Rights). He conceived and co-founded the with Richard Branson in 2000, which was eventually launched by Nelson Mandela in 2007.

Amongst other awards he has received are the 'Man Of Peace' award, presented by the Nobel Peace Laureates, and the 'Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres'. He has received various lifetime achievement awards, BT's Digital Music Pioneer Award and Grammy Awards for his music/video work.

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