Martin Russell

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Musician, composer, producer, engineer, technician, company director.

Joined The Enid in 1979. Began engineering and playing keyboard and bass sessions, contributing, amongst many other things, to the first Kim Wilde album.

Worked for Soundcraft, gaining technical knowledge, progressing to final testing the company's range of mixing consoles.

Worked at Utopia Studios, a major London studio complex as both engineer and technician. Then head-hunted by the consortium behind Swanyard Studios. Progressed to Chief Engineer and Technical Director.

Martin next embarked on the building of his own studio - Sonic Innovation.

Signed 5-album deal with Real World Records. Settled into his Afro Celt Sound System role of contributing writer, keyboard player and co-producer/engineer in the studio and front-of-house mixing on live appearances.

Co-writing with Simon Webb ?A Winters Tale? (National Theatre ? director: Nick Hytner) and ?Henry 5th? (National Theatre director: Nick Hytner).

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