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Little Axe is a pioneer of 21st century blues music. Bringing the blues into the present and preparing it for the future.

It all began in the early 80s when Skip, son of a guitarist and bluesman, was operating in the most important rhythm section of the time; Sugarhill Gang's House Band. There he met Keith Le Blanc and Doug Wimbish, his partners in groundbreaking records like 'White Lines'.

Soon Skip met Adrian Sherwood, a pioneer for On-U Sound, a label producing a distinctively original sound. This led to the release of many brilliant recordings under the Tackhead ident.

And onwards - On-U classics like Bim Sherman's ?Miracle? in which Skip played a large part and ultimately, through technical work with artists from Junior Delgado to Sinead O'Connor, to the first Little Axe album in 1994 ?The Wolf That House Built?.

A decade on, the music is still fresh and meaningful because it's from the heart of a true bluesman.

?Champagne And Grits? followed with less sampling and more writing. Chris Difford of Squeeze, Shara Nelson, Bernard Fowler, Ghetto Priest and Junior Delgado all feature.

The story then continued with the release of ?Stone Cold Ohio? and the next chapter is now being written...

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Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald is what you get when you take the blues and subject them to the 21st Century. Surfing the present from the past into the future.

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You can now download the multitrack parts to 'If I had My Way" from Little Axe's Stone Cold Ohio at the website. Download the parts and submit your mix back to the site!

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