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My Life As A Short Biography.

In early 2006, Charlie came to the attention of Peter Gabriel who took him under his wing.

In spring 2006, Charlie signed with Real World Works and recorded his debut album 'Make Way'.

He has closely collaborated with the critically acclaimed Tom Baxter including writing, playing, arranging and recording.

He's also a renowned session musician playing bass, percussion and singing with artists such as Daniel Powter.

It was Charlie's vocal performance of 'I'm A Man' which was chosen for the acclaimed 'VW Polo' TV advert (the one with the shivering dog).

He's toured all over the UK, Europe and the USA, including supporting Peter Gabriel across Europe during Summer 2007.

since this tour charlie has gone on to be one of the biggest selling acts in France. selling nearly a million albums in Europe last year. That figure continues to rise this year helped by extensive touring including two sold out shows at the 'Olympia' in Paris.

Charlie is now turning his attention to Canada with his first ever shows there and his album being released on March 9th.

Charlie has also composed music for theatre, including The Almeida and The Gate, and has composed for film, including award winning 'The Day I Will Never Forget' and more recently 'Lullaby for Pi' for which he was asked to perform in and write a song for the end credits. directed by Benoit Philippon is set for release in 2010.

charlie's latest video for 'I Love Your Smile' staring Audrey Tautou is available to watch on his website

There's been a huge demand for charlie's sheet music in france, so we've recently worked with Patrick Moulou Bookmakers and Gabriel Majercsik at EMI music publishing, France, to produce this high quality book containing all the music from Charlie Winston's album 'Hobo'.

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