In 1994 two musicians met. They became friends, then, over the years their lives diverged. They continued to write together but one spent the 15 years in the music business, in the charts, touring the world, playing with legends. The second spent the 15 years in the wilderness.

The first is Dominic Greensmith. He spent 10 years in one of Britain’s most popular rock bands, Reef. He’s played with legends like Peter Gabriel, Ray Davies and Mick Jones. The second is Gareth Hale. He was tempted back from the wilderness with a bunch of great songs and a burning desire to play them.

In 2009 they were back on the same musical path and taking us somewhere very interesting.

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Heidi Greensmith, approached the pair to the write the soundtrack to her documentary Devil In The Detail – a rock ‘n roll road movie. The soundtrack writing progressed over several months and it became obvious that there was an album lurking in there. A band was needed. Jesse Wood and John Hogg, both of the band Hogg, fitted the bill perfectly. So the recording project started.

The songs and the band’s sound evolved during the process in a very organic way with some surprising results. A feeling of importance that is reminiscent of Radiohead’s debut Pablo Honey and a yearning passion in Gareth’s vocals that hint at Jeff Buckley come through. Also more classic and jovial moments appear that harp back to the likes of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones which reflect their laid back studio sessions.

These elements were all pulled together by Dominic’s love of traditional recording processes mixed with the freedom of sounds found in more contemporary R&B production and the result was an album Admission where even the quietest of the compositions is big enough to fill a cinema or a stadium.

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