Spaccanapoli are a group from Naples – historically a crossroads for the cultures of the whole Mediterranean region.

Their music is rooted in traditions that go back further and deeper than Catholic rituals to the pre-Christian rites of Dionysus. This is the expression of the working people. Pulsing drums, impassioned vocals, the wild dances of the Tarantella (the ancient solo dance of possession) and Tammurriata (a dance performed in couples within a circle of people to the steady rhythm of the Tammorra, the big traditional drum) – the vibrant energy of the street carnival celebrated in the shade of the smouldering Vesuvius.

Spaccanapoli have chosen their name from an old street of Greek origin in the centre of Naples – which, in spite of being reduced to a stop-off on the tourist trail, still retains the vital, irrepressible spark of authentic folk expression.

The Spaccanapoli track Vesuvio features in the smash-hit TV series The Sopranos.