Due to his lyrics so-called healing properties he is known as ‘The Doctor’.

Remmy Ongala was born in 1947 in Zaire. Following his mother’s death in 1964 Remmy became the sole supporter of his family and so turned to music to provide for them.

In 1978 Remmy left Zaire and travelled to Dar Es Salaam to join Orchestre Makassy and after three years Orchestre Super Matimila. With Matimila, an eight piece “owned” by a local businessman, Remmy rose to fame as the charismatic front man.

Remmy attributes his fame to his use of music to highlight issues which no-one else is willing to talk about. These include; poverty, starvation, politics, and AIDS. The list is as endless as Remmy’s talent.

With three albums out on the Real World label he has also found recognition outside of Tanzania and is a regular at the WOMAD festivals around the world.

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