A place of peace and quiet.”

Quietude. Look it up, it’s defined as “a place of peace and quiet“. This is a chill album which emanates cool.

Rachael Roberts and Alex Swift met whilst working at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Realising they had similar musical tastes they decided to collaborate and this album is the result.

It’s a lush blend of electronica combined with the organic tones of strings and clarinet and a sweet vocal narrative. Complimented by Alex’s intuitive and contemporary production, most notably evident in recent years with Massive Attack, this album would sit comfortably between Zero 7 and Morcheeba in your music library.

Although electronic based, the album features beautiful instrumentation. The strings, clarinet, flute and saxophones were all recorded in a little wooden room in the middle of a Dorset forest!

Unbreakable – Original