Music is her calling.

The Austrian singer/songwriter is a long way from Vienna but says she finds lyrical inspiration in the remoteness of Ireland’s South West Coast.

Her debut album Quick Look shows she has a voice that inevitably stops listeners dead in their tracks.

Austria’s cavalier attitude to creativity led her, along with her then husband Helmut and daughter Luise to Ireland. There things started to come together.

Her biggest break came in the form of Real World outfit the Afro Celt Sound System who had co-written a song with Heather Nova. Pina sang it and they loved it.

Her duet with Iarla Ó Lionáird, Go On Through was featured on the album, Further In Time. Then Simon Emmerson told her that Peter Gabriel said it was his favourite song on the record and had asked him whom that voice belonged to.

Pina was 16 when she began to sing. Up until then she had been developing her skills as a classical guitarist, studying at the Vienna Conservatorium and teaching to make ends meet.

Her voice is like no other. But she says she’s never been sentimental with her own material, seeing each song as a brick towards the next.

She says she needs to have lived something herself to be able to sing it to anyone and to really love and stand behind the lyrics.

Pina says she will continue to make music until she is “old and grey“. Though she has tried other things they never worked for her. Music is her calling.