Over the last two decades, Mamer has established himself as one of China’s most innovative and influential artists. Drawing inspiration from the songs and poetry of the grasslands where he grew up, Mamer has influenced a generation of bands and musicians around China.

Eagle features a repertoire of grassland songs, normally sung solo and accompanied by the simple two-stringed dombra. Mamer has adapted these songs and updated them for the 21st century, at the same time preserving their unaffected lyricism and often instructional lyrics.

Mamer was born in Qitai County in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province. Some 2000 miles from Beijing, he grew up in the furthest flung corner of Chinese central Asia, near China’s border with Russia and Kazakhstan. One of 10 children, Mamer learnt the songs and instruments of the grasslands from his father and grandfather.

His 5-piece band was credited with single-handedly kick-starting China’s alt-country scene, and Eagle is his debut solo album.

With a warmer and more intimate sound than his recordings with IZ, Eagle finds Mamer in an introspective mood, and feature a collection of songs that deal with universal grassland themes; the nature of man, the delicate balance of man and nature, and the temptations of modernity.

Recorded in Beijing and Urumqi, Eagle was produced by Robin Haller and Matteo Scumaci, and features a grassland dueling-banjos style duet with multiple-Grammy award winner Bela Fleck (Celebration) as well as a bonus mix of Mountain Wind by the late, great French producer (and Mamer-admirer) Hector Zazou

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