Born in Doduma, a rural area of Tanzania, Dr Zawose was a legend in his own land, a clan leader and community mentor who had single-handedly breathed new life into the ancient traditional music of the Wagogo people.

He first appeared in Britain in the early-eighties with the Master Musicians of Tanzania. His extraordinary 5-octave vocal range – switching between a high, feminine sound and a form of throat-singing and his exquisite playing of the buzzing ilimba thumb piano or the sensuous one-stringed izeze fiddle mesmerised audiences.

Dr Zawose recorded a number of albums during his life, including the beautifully-exuberant, traditional ChibiteSpear To the Heart and Assembly.

Extracts of tracks taken from the album Assembly:

Kuna Kunguni / The Bedbugs Bite

Ntambalize Lijenje / Pumpkin Life

Chilumi Kigumu / Tricky Voices

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