David Rhodes studied at art school before turning to making music. His interest being in sound rather than technique.

After a period in a noise group, approaching song structured musical development led to the rock band Random.

Peter Gabriel came across them and asked David to take part in his 3rd album, released in 1980.

Since then David has worked on all of Peter Gabriel’s music and has often co-written with him and taken part in his tours over the last 28 years.

David has also recorded with many artists like Talk Talk, The Pretenders, Joan Armatrading and Paul McCartney.

He wrote and produced the music for the following feature films: L’Uomo Perfetto, Italian animated film La Gabbianella E Il Gatto, Lucky & Zorba (translated into Italian, French, German and currently being translated into Dutch and Spanish).

He also worked on the score for the Golden Globe nominated feature film Rabbit-Proof Fence.

As well as being a composer in his own right he collaborates with Richard Evans as The Footnote. They were responsible for the soundtrack for the incredible Sea Monsters 3-D, the first ever Imax 3-D movie.

David and Richard also produced music for the Discovery Channel’s Discovery Atlas Series.


Extracts of tracks from David Rhodes:

Love Can Make You Do Some Really Horrible Things

Nina & The Cats/Look At Me Now (Medley)

Crazy Jane

Down by the River

Across The River