Born in 1966 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK.

Moved to Bristol in 1985 and fell in love with sampling, sequencing and beat production.

Co-founded Earth Recordings, writing and producing under several pseudonyms including Language and Underground Orchestra. Later formed The Federation, who became the first band to be signed to the Mo’ Wax label.

Hanging up his bass guitar, Alex devoted more time to writing and producing via computer as the age of digital audio dawned. Having submitted a demo to Peter Gabriel, he was asked to join production of the Up album as a programmer, and a long-standing relationship with Real World began.

His duties for Up completed, Alex joined Massive Attack for their 100th Window album, co-writing and programming. It was here that he first learned to work to picture, assisting them in scoring for films including Snatch, Blade II and Unleashed.

Having developed a taste for writing music to picture, Alex wrote music for two consecutive 13 episode seasons of Wildlife SOS for ITV Carlton. He has written extensively for the popular CSI series of shows, including a prominent title sequence for the Tarantino directed final episode. He has also wrote the soundtrack for a National Geographic Megastructures TV documentary.


Alex’s Guitar Opus
Tones And Piano For Film