Bob Holroyd – The Cage released

Bob Holroyd releases his new album, The Cage, today, 9 March 2018. He will perform music from the album at a special event at the Winchester Science Centre on 19 May, tickets for which you can purchase here.

Over the course of his musical career Bob Holroyd has pioneered music that crosses musical and cultural boundaries, and as a result his music is influenced by a diverse array of sights, sounds from around the world. Bob’s music includes influences from extensive travels in Africa and Asia, and ranges from intense walls of percussive drumming – as on his cult club classic ‘African Drug’ – to delicate atmospheric soundscapes, such as the beautiful ‘Looking Back’ – a track recorded for the ‘Sanscapes’ project to highlight the plight of the Kalahari Bushmen, with whom he collaborated with. Similarly, he also recorded the Islamic Call to Prayer at Regent’s Park Mosque, writing a moving and dramatic piece around the haunting vocal by Yusf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens).

For the new album The Cage, Bob looks to himself for inspiration. Citing work in therapy and exploring the complex textures and emotions that make up every moment of our lives as well as exploring the creative process itself as key elements of stimulus. The result is twelve tracks of deep emotive encounters, from ruminating to wistful to uplifting and even a little perturbing at times. There are beautifully woven atmospheric textures of light and space, which coalesce to form something, which can only truly be described as minimally complex. Fans of Eno, Laraaji, Max Richter and Peter Broderick will find much to love (Bob also names the likes of David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, Arvo Part, Nils Petter Molvaer, Radiohead, Tavener and more as further influences).

“‘The Cage’ is where I have subconsciously imprisoned myself emotionally for years” says Bob, “By keeping out ‘negative’ emotions I have felt safe, but ultimately made myself unapproachable to others, and myself. I had the idea that instead of trying to escape this Cage I should enlarge it to include all emotions, feelings experiences and people – if EVERYTHING is in the Cage then I am more free than if I were keeping all influences out.”